Walmart Pay Adoption Stats 2017

Walmart Pay Stats

The Walmart Pay statistics provided is a collaborative effort between PYMNTS and InfoScout, a consumer research company. We survey a statistically significant group of mobile phone users every quarter to determine the degree to which their use of and interest in mobile wallets is changing.

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Have you ever tried Walmart Pay?

ADOPTION: Why haven't you tried it??

USAGE: Did you use Walmart Pay for this transaction?

USAGE: So, why haven't you used it?

FREQUENCY: How often do you use Walmart Pay?

How would you rate Walmart Pay versus swiping a card at checkout??

Eligible Transactions:
For Apple Pay it means people with an iPhone that shopped at a store that accepts Apple Pay.
For Android Pay it means people with a smartphone with Android OS that shopped at a store that accepts Android Pay.
For Samsung Pay it means people with a Samsung smartphone that shopped at any retail store in the US.
For Walmart Pay it means people that shopped at Walmart.


Deep Dive Statistics

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