Walmart Launches Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness Initiative

Walmart, Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness

Walmart took another step forward in its “live better” promise Wednesday (April 6) when it unveiled the Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness initiative, which includes building the next generation of the Walton Life Fitness Center and a childcare center, both slated to open in late 2023.

“Through the years, Walmart has continued to evolve its benefits to ensure we are supporting every aspect of our associates’ lives — inside and outside of work,” Dan Bartlett, executive vice president, corporate affairs, Walmart, wrote in the company blog post.

“Our new Home Office gives us an incredible opportunity to bring those benefits to life on a campus that combines a creative and inspirational work environment with a new, innovative, and holistic approach to supporting associates and their families,” he continued. “We have taken a purpose-driven approach in the design of the entire campus with amenities that promote and prioritize health and well-being for every associate.”

Both buildings were part of a 2019 plan that focused on increasing the retailer’s involvement in the health and fitness sector.

The post said the 36,000-square-foot Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness will offer “robust programming and resources to support the mind, body and spirit of every individual.”

“Whole Health Institute addresses physical, mental, emotional and social factors that affect well-being,” Walt Cooper, CEO of Whole Health Institute, said in the post. “The intentional design of Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness brings that vision to life by creating an environment that goes beyond physical fitness to make holistic health achievable.”

The 73,000-square-foot child care center in northwest Arkansas will allow “associates’ families to grow and thrive,” and can accommodate up to 500 children, from infants to pre-kindergarten.

“Providing associates with easy access to offerings that enhance health and well-being is an essential element of whole health,” said Alice Walton. “Our family is delighted to provide the support for these innovative resources.”

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