Walmart Prepares Redesigned Superstores With Focus on Higher-End Apparel, Décor

Walmart has debuted a redesigned SuperCenter in a push to attract customers shopping for clothes and furniture needs, a report says.

The company plans to open 30 more redesigned stores by late January, along with more in the next fiscal year.

Chief Merchandising Officer Charles Redfield said the locations would be a bit different from store to store, with different elements highlighted.

Redfield added that the first new stores would be used to test and learn about the reception before the retailer rolls things out more widely later on.

The new SuperCenters will have things like dressed up mannequins, new furniture and swimsuits and store signs promoting exclusive brands, the report says.

Walmart has been working on a new strategy involving driving sales of higher-margin things like apparel, and the company has been introducing various new partnerships with Reebok, Gap and others with bigger price tags.

The company has been acting with increasing urgency in the wake of disappointing first quarter earnings, which saw customers spending more on essentials like groceries and gas and less on items like clothes and TVs that often lift profits.

PYMNTS wrote recently that Walmart has made its selections for its sourcing event Open Call, which is a big driver of customer traffic both online and in the stores.

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Open Call’s purpose is to bring products made, grown or assembled in the U.S. to various shoppers.

Walmart has said it’s part of the 10-year, $350 billion goal toward of American jobs.

The business owners will get a chance to pitch products to Walmart or Sam’s Club merchants on the second day of Open Call.

The suppliers will have a 30-minute window to pitch products, looking to secure deals supplying products for a handful of local Walmart stores.