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Black Friday? Old News. Amazon Is Celebrating Black November

Halloween is over, and that means it is time to start our Christmas shopping. Well, for some of the U.S. to start our Christmas shopping. Some data indicates that about a third of all customers are actually completely done with the holiday gift buying as of Nov. 1. However, we — like most retailers — prefer to ignore those people because they make us feel bad about ourselves.

And besides, Nov. 1 means the time for holiday shopping is upon the majority of American consumers.

And Amazon just can’t wait until Black Friday to officially get the sale action happening, so it’s decided all of November (and much of December) will also be Black Friday this year. As of 3 a.m. PST today (Nov. 1), the deals began rolling out.

Amazon said it will be offering “tens of thousands of deals,” with new ones coming “as often as every five minutes.”

Amazon will be running its Black Friday shop through Dec. 22.

Amazon is thinking beyond just discounting and deals, however. The retailer has also announced mobile app upgrades to make it easier to shop, even when consumers are shopping in someone else’s physical store. Consumers will be able to use their phone’s camera to visually search for an item within the Amazon app. While that isn’t a totally new feature, it is now an expanded one so that almost anything on sale in the real world can be scanned against Amazon. Also available, Package X-Ray (for iPhone) that allows consumers to scan a box without opening it and ruining a holiday surprise.

The NRF expects the average American consumer to spend $935.58 during the holiday shopping season, with 56.5 percent of shopping being done online.

Amazon is expecting big things this holiday season with items such as 4K and HDR TVs, copper appliances and handcrafted gifts among the trends it says to watch.


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