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Postmates CEO Talks Trash On Amazon’s Private Label

Can’t make everybody happy, we guess.

Postmates co-founder and CEO Bastian Lehmann has pretty much nothing nice to say about Amazon’s blasted push into private label products while taking part in a fireside chat at Shoptalk in Las Vegas earlier today. Specifically, in fact, Lehmann noted that what Amazon has for sale is “crap.”

“Most of it is crap anyway,” Lehmann said. “There’s so much crap and boring stuff … the last thing we need is more of the same.”

The critique comes as Amazon is getting ready to make a bigger and better push into private label, with the addition of perishable foods, baby products, detergents and a variety of other household goods. This moves goes along with the push into private label clothing and accessories. And though some are hailing the move, Lehmann in one foul swoop has become the voice of everyone everywhere wondering if there is in fact such a thing as too much Amazon for any individual person.

“Our vision is to provide deliveries on a large scale in metropolitan cities, cheaper than you would pay from a large retailer,” Lehmann said. “Our platform is open. We don’t limit you. We let you hack the city to see what happens next.”

Postmates offers on-demand deliveries from local merchants in major metropolitan markets across the U.S. According to Lehmann, the service now connects  1.5 million product SKUs and  50,000 merchants to consumers each month.


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