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Codisto Launches Amazon Integration For Magento, WooCommerce

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Codisto, a marketplace integration software company and Magento Imagine sponsor, has launched its Amazon integration for Magento and WooCommerce, which will accompany its current eBay integration.

According to a press release, now more than 1 million merchants can benefit from the full, real-time synchronization of products, inventory and orders between Amazon, eBay and merchant websites. This can significantly boost sales while still allowing merchants to keep their existing business processes intact.

“Codisto’s MarketPlace Connect plugin offers merchants the easiest and fastest way to access the millions of customers regularly buying from Amazon’s global marketplace,” said Jonathan Pollard, CEO of Codisto. “It’s a very deep, quality plugin offering full SaaS integration with real-time performance that’s very fast to set up and simple to use. We have enjoyed fantastic success since we launched our eBay integration in 2015. Adding Amazon integration was a natural extension for Codisto, and we expect to quickly see merchants from all over the world take advantage of the solution.”

While many integration services require merchants to use additional ecommerce platforms to manage marketplaces, that isn’t the case with Codisto’s Amazon integration. Through native integration, merchants get the benefit of a real-time SaaS marketplace integration service combined with the efficiency of maintaining their existing platform and business processes.

“The concept of multichannel integration is not new,” Pollard said, “but native integration is technically very challenging which is why there are so few native solutions. Codisto has taken a ‘deep and narrow’ approach to developing its solutions, limiting the platforms and marketplaces we provide integration for. This has allowed us to set a new global standard for marketplace integration. Merchants no longer have to suffer unwanted third-party marketplaces platforms or suboptimal native integration solutions.”



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