Amazon And Morrisons Collaborating On Pick-Up Lockers

In its ongoing quest to make eCommerce pick-up as easy as possible, Amazon is moving forward with pick-up lockers for goods in collaboration with the Morrisons grocery chain.

According to Morrisons, it will install hundreds of Amazon delivery lockers in its supermarkets over the next year. Currently, there are about 1,000 Amazon Lockers in various locations throughout the U.K. Popular placements are at shopping centers, conveniences stores, transportation stations and universities. Amazon has been pushing to add grocery to the list for some time.

To access the lockers, Amazon customers receive a unique barcode, which can be scanned to retrieve their package from the locker.

Trevor Strain, chief financial officer of Morrisons, said he believed the option to pick items up “from one of our hundreds of conveniently located supermarkets will be attractive.”

Amazon said through a spokesperson that grocery stores, with their consistently high levels of consumer traffic, represented ideal places for shoppers to pick up online orders.

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