AML/KYC Tracker

AML/KYC – November 2019

Inside the November Tracker
AML/KYC Tracker
  •    The latest headlines on AML/KYC, including including Bank of Thailand’s biometric KYC pilot and India’s changed KYC requirements for foreign investors
  • Justin Farris, Zillow’s director of product development, on real estate security and how home purchasing and rental platforms can defend against attempted money laundering and other forms of fraud
  • A Deep Dive on the potential benefits and limitations of video-based KYC in Fis’ onboarding procedures

AML/KYC – September 2019

Inside the September Tracker
AML KYC Tracker
  • A Deep Dive into the financial sector’s anti-fraud and regulatory compliance efforts, including how AI-based tools can help
  • The latest AML/KYC headlines, including the exposure of 2.6 million Jana Bank customers’ KYC details and crypto exchange Binance’s response to alleged KYC data theft
  • An interview with Nicolas Dinh, chief operating officer of financial mobile app STACK, on how financial startups can create robust fraud fighting strategies to win customers’ trust

AML/KYC – July 2019

Inside the July Tracker
AML/KYC Tracker
  • The latest industry headlines, including India’s new KYC requirements and Coinfirm’s AML-related partnership with Ripple XRP
  • Bitbuy founder and president Adam Goldman on how his trading platform keeps cryptocurrency transfers safe
  • A Deep Dive into the emerging fraud forms impacting sharing and gig economy platforms, including the strategies to combat them


AML/KYC – May 2019

Inside the May Tracker
AML/KYC Tracker
  • The latest AML/KYC headlines, including the rampant money laundering present in Canadian real estate andcrypto exchanges’ compliance struggles
  • An interview with Ian Rosen, CEO of StockTwits, on securing the company’s investor- and trader-focused social network and forthcoming stock brokerage app
  • A Deep Dive investigating the positives and pitfalls of biometrics for KYC


AML/KYC – March 2019

AML/KYC Tracker
  • The latest headlines on AML/KYC, including Canada’s FINTRAC penalty system review and expansion of the EU’s AML/CTF blacklist
  • Susan Hawley, policy director of anti-corruption nongovernmental organization Corruption Watch UK, explains what the nation’s high-level money laundering prosecution is lacking
  • A Deep Dive on how financial institutions are turning to automation tools to help catch criminals, keep up with regulation compliance and combat the $800 billion to $2 trillion global money laundering problem

AML/KYC – January 2019

  • Anthony Couture, chief compliance officer of investment platform FrontFundr, discusses how the company offers security to both investors and startups
  • The latest headlines on AML/KYC solutions that are changing the way companies authenticate customers and pursue ICOs
  • A Deep Dive on how the 2008 financial crisis paved the way for current AML/KYC regulations