Siri Will Soon Take Your Money (And Book You A Ride, Too)

Apple has said that its developers are in the midst of working with Siri to develop functions that will let users book rides and make calls.

Apple said in a blog post on its website that, with the debut of iOS 10 and SiriKit, geared toward developers, the new wrinkles allow for what the firm said would foster the ability to help “get even more done.” The company said in the post that calls can be made via Skype or Vonage.

As for the ride-hailing feature, that would be available in conjunction with Lyft. Ride-hailing can be done without the need to open an app, said Apple in its post. The interaction with Siri requires simply naming where the user is and where he or she wants to go. The tech behemoth noted that the largest eHailing app in Europe already is working with Siri. The “Hey Siri” command also will work with Didi Chuxing in China throughout 400 cities, the post noted.

In addition, the company said that its developers are also previewing payments functionality with Square Cash, as well as the ability to send money to a friend or pay bills.