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AWS Launches Fully Managed Service for AI Applications


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched the general availability of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that provides access to foundation models from leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies via a single application programming interface (API).

This is one of several generative AI offerings announced by AWS Thursday (Sept. 28), including solutions aimed at helping organizations of all sizes to develop AI applications, boost employee productivity and drive business transformation, the company said in a Thursday press release.

One of the features of Amazon Bedrock is its ability to offer high-performing foundation models from AI companies such as AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Stability AI and Amazon itself, according to the press release. These models can be applied to various use cases, ranging from search and content creation to drug discovery. The service allows customers to experiment with different models and customize them with their own proprietary data, while ensuring privacy and security.

To further support developer productivity, AWS has introduced Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI-powered coding companion, the release said. This tool provides personalized code suggestions based on an organization’s internal codebase, enabling developers to leverage their private codebase securely to aid productivity and efficiency. The CodeWhisperer suggestions are tailored to each organization’s requirements.

AWS has also introduced generative business intelligence (BI) authoring capabilities in Amazon QuickSight, catering to the needs of business analysts, per the release. This unified BI service helps analysts create and customize visuals using natural language commands, reducing the time spent on manual chart creation and adjustments.

A number of companies have already used AWS’s generative AI offerings, according to the press release. For instance, Adidas has leveraged Amazon Bedrock to develop a generative AI solution that enables engineers to access information and answers from their knowledge base through a single conversational interface. Similarly, GoDaddy is utilizing Amazon Bedrock to create a generative AI service that simplifies the process of setting up online businesses for customers.

PYMNTS Intelligence has found that generative AI has permanently altered how humans create new ideas and content. The applications for the technology are vast, according to “Preparing for a Generative AI World,” a PYMNTS and AI-ID collaboration.