Lemonade Expects Generative AI to Improve Business Processes and Profits

Insurance company Lemonade expects generative AI to automate and improve 100 of its business processes.

Lemonade — which says artificial intelligence (AI) is the foundation upon which the company was built — expects generative AI to be an accelerant for its efforts and it has already prototyped dozens of applications for the technology, the company said in a Q1 2023 Shareholder Letter released Wednesday (May 3).

“As to the impact of generative AI on our business, we will share specifics in time,” Lemonade said in the letter. “For now, we want to highlight our assessment that in the coming 18 months we expect to see meaningful savings in our cost structure.”

These comments came in a shareholder letter in which Lemonade reported that during the quarter ended March 31, it recorded a growing top line, a declining loss ratio, strong unit economics and an improving bottom line.

“The first quarter of 2023 was strong, clocking solid performance across our key metrics,” Lemonade said in the letter. “Notwithstanding persistent inflation and heightened frequency of severe weather events, the primary dials with which we monitor our business all moved in the right direction.”

Both the company’s loss per share and its guidance for second-quarter revenue were better than Wall Street expectations, and its stock jumped 9.1% in after-hours trading after it released the shareholder letter, Seeking Alpha reported Wednesday.

As Lemonade looks to implement generative AI in its operations, the company will prioritize adherence to compliance and fairness standards, according to the letter.

“Nevertheless, the first of our generative-AI-based automations will make their way into production within weeks, and we expect the benefit of these, as well as subsequent rollouts, to be somewhat impactful on our financials late this year (already reflected in our updated Adjusted EBITDA guidance), and more significantly impactful in 2024 and beyond,” Lemonade said in the letter.

During the first quarter, the company also teamed up with BNP Paribas Cardif to offer digital renters’ insurance in France. The new digital offering will meet the expectations of today’s consumers, especially younger ones, and make insurance more accessible, the companies said when announcing their collaboration in February.