Uber Freight Unveils Product Roadmap With AI-Powered Software

Uber Freight has unveiled its product roadmap, incorporating artificial intelligence-powered software to transform the global movement of goods.

This announcement follows Uber Freight’s acquisition of transportation management company Transplace two years ago, which has enabled the company to build a logistics company offering end-to-end applications and services, the company said in a Thursday (Sept. 28) press release.

With an investment of $120 million in technology since the acquisition, Uber Freight has focused on scaling applications, generative artificial intelligence (AI), data-enabled insights tools, and capacity and mode expansions, according to the release.

One of the key updates is the upgrade of the Uber Freight Transportation Management System (TMS), the release said. This provides enhanced visibility, foresight and control for shippers across modes including rail, ocean and air.

Uber Freight is also introducing Uber Freight Exchange, a neutral platform that allows shippers to run auctions with their own carriers as well as Uber Freight’s network of 100,000 carriers across the United States, per the release. This tool enhances operational efficiency, fosters partnerships and mitigates lane coverage risks.

To support decision making in logistics, Uber Freight is unveiling Insights AI, a generative AI-powered tool that leverages the company’s vast store of transportation data to provide customers with actionable insights, according to the press release.

Uber Freight is also applying AI and machine learning to drive network optimization and service improvements, the release said.

In addition to these software solutions, Uber Freight is expanding its dynamic capacity and freight modes across regions, per the release. The Powerloop program, which offers drop and hook and dedicated capacity solutions, has expanded its operational scope to include several new states.

Uber Freight acquired Transplace in July 2021 in a $2.25 billion deal, saying the acquisition would create a leading logistics tech platform and offer one of the most extensive worldwide transportation and logistics networks.

Thursday’s announcement of new software solutions comes a week after Uber Freight said it has partnered with Waabi to accelerate the deployment of AI-powered autonomous trucks at scale. This partnership aims to deliver a turnkey driver-as-a-service solution.