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OpenAI Launches GPT Store, Review System, Management Tools

OpenAI has launched a store offering custom versions of its ChatGPT chatbot, which it dubs “GPTs.”

The new GPT Store allows ChatGPT PlusTeam and Enterprise users to browse GPTs developed by OpenAI’s partners and community, the company said in a Wednesday (Jan. 10) blog post.

“It’s been two months since we announced GPTs, and users have already created over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT,” OpenAI said in the post. “Many builders have shared GPTs for others to use.”

Together with the launch of the store, the company will highlight certain GPTs each week, featuring ones that are “useful and impactful,” according to the post.

OpenAI has also established a new review system to ensure GPTs adhere to its usage policies and GPT brand guidelines, the post said. The system includes both human and automated review. Users can also report GPTs. The new review system supplements the company’s existing safety measures.

During the first quarter, OpenAI will launch a revenue program for GPT builders, per the post. The program will begin by paying U.S. builders based on user engagement with their GPTs.

OpenAI is also rolling out tools to help its Team and Enterprise customers manage GPTs, according to the post.

A new ChatGPT Team plan will give Team customers access to a private section of the store that includes GPTs securely published to their workspace, the post said.

For ChatGPT Enterprise customers, the store will include enhanced admin controls that will allow them to choose how internal-only GPTs are shared and which external GPTs can be used inside their business, per the post.

“Like all usage on ChatGPT Team and Enterprise, we do not use your conversations with GPTs to improve our models,” OpenAI said in the post.

The launch of the store comes after a delay of about two months. OpenAI said in early November that it would launch a GPT store in the following weeks.

“We believe if you give people better tools, they will do amazing things,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said at the time.

The company then delayed the opening of the store until early 2024, attributing the move to its continuing efforts to make improvements to the GPTs.