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Oracle Unveils New AI Capabilities for Finance and Supply Chain


Oracle has added new generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its Fusion Cloud Applications Suite.

“The latest AI additions include new generative AI capabilities embedded in existing business workflows across finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing, and service,” the software company said in a Thursday (March 14) press release.

In addition, the rollout also includes an expansion of the Oracle Guided Journeys’ extensibility framework to let customers and partners incorporate more generative AI capabilities, per the release.

The offering is built using Oracle’s cloud infrastructure, which the company says ensures customer data isn’t shared with large language model (LLM) providers or seen by other customers.

“In addition, an individual customer is the only entity allowed to use custom models trained on its data,” the company said. “To further protect sensitive information, role-based security is embedded directly into Oracle Fusion Applications workflows that only recommends content that end users are entitled to view.”

The launch comes as generative AI is showing the potential to alter the way people and businesses relate to computers as they do work, as PYMNTS wrote earlier this week in a review of findings from the PYMNTS “AI Effect” series.

“Computers can now behave like humans. They can articulate, they can write and can communicate just like a human can,” Beerud Sheth, CEO at conversational AI platform Gupshup, said in an interview with PYMNTS.

“No one ever thought a bulldozer could behave like a human, or fire, or any of the prior inventions throughout history. AI has animated society in a way that no other technology has before.”

That report also notes that generative AI offers a spectrum of application and a speed that eclipses the ability of earlier AI models to automate repetitive tasks and leverage data to make stronger decisions.

“We always overestimate the first three years of a technology, and severely underestimate the 10-year time horizon,” Bushel CEO Jake Joraanstad told PYMNTS.

“The ChatGPT light bulb went off in everybody’s head, and it brought artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art deep learning into the public discourse,” Andy Hock, senior vice president of product and strategy at Cerebras, said in a separate interview.

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