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Report: Apple and OpenAI Reopen iPhone AI Talks

Apple has reportedly reopened discussions with OpenAI about integrating artificial intelligence (AI) features into the iPhone. 

The two tech companies have begun talking about the possible terms of an agreement, and how OpenAI’s AI features could be added to the next version of the iPhone’s operating system, Bloomberg News reported Friday (April 26), citing sources familiar with the matter.

The report said this marks a renewal of talks between the two companies after months of minimal conversation. Apple is also apparently in talks with Google about licensing that company’s AI chatbot.

PYMNTS has contacted both Apple and OpenAI for comment but has not yet gotten a reply.

At the yearly shareholder meeting in February, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company would soon be offering up more details about its strategy for using generative AI. He added that he recognizes the enormous potential of generative AI for breakthroughs and said he was confident that this would lead to transformative advancements for Apple users.

“Every Mac that is powered by Apple silicon is an extraordinarily capable AI machineIn fact, there’s no better computer for AI on the market today,” Cook said.

Per the Bloomberg report, Cook has said that he personally uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT but acknowledged there were “a number of issues that need to be sorted.” He has also pledged that new AI features would be added to Apple’s platforms on a “very thoughtful basis.”

The report argued that working with partners would speed up Apple’s entry into the chatbot space while potentially reducing risks by outsourcing the generative AI to another company.

Meanwhile, PYMNTS spoke last month with Michael Jaconi, CEO of the AI marketing tech company Button, on how the addition of AI would impact Apple and the realm of commerce.

He said Apple’s influence could lead to more intuitive shopping experiences powered by AI, and lead to a wider consumer embrace of the technology.

“They could enable consumer adoption at unparalleled scale by enabling seamless AI integration into iPhone search and Siri functions,” Jaconi said. “Unlocking AI-powered app connections that control both your digital and physical world at a pace no other company could rival. With this, Apple would bring the concept that the iPhone is a remote control for daily life closer to reality than ever before.”

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