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Small Businesses Embrace AI to Elevate Online Presence

Web provider GoDaddy recently launched GoDaddy Airo, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to help companies improve their online presence. The software simplifies online business setup by using natural language for domain name suggestions and integrating AI tools for logo creation, website and email hosting, product descriptions, and social media management.

It’s one of a growing number of generative AI programs that are making it easier for small businesses to boost their online presence.

“By weaving AI into our product offerings, GoDaddy can help alleviate some of the administrative and time-consuming tasks on small business owners’ plates while empowering them to grow their businesses in new and unique ways,” Laka Sriram, vice president of product, U.S. independents at GoDaddy, told PYMNTS in an interview. 

The range of new AI-powered website services available for businesses is expanding. A new AI-powered website builder allows users to tailor websites to their needs using just text input. In customer service, AI chatbots enhance user engagement, while other platforms offer AI-generated personalized content in the hopes of improving visitor satisfaction and loyalty.

Smarter Tools

A GoDaddy survey suggests that, by adopting generative AI, small businesses expect to save upwards of $4,000 and 300 work hours in 2024. Despite this potential, many companies need help implementing these AI-enhanced solutions. Airo aims to bridge the gap by offering support and direction.

The website-building process begins with users providing a brief overview of their intended business. Airo then suggests possible domain names. Following acquiring a domain, the AI proposes logos, website designs, email setups, email marketing strategies, a social media schedule, social media and search engine advertisements, and even the option to establish an LLC.

Businesses have the flexibility to select what they need from Airo’s output. An AI-created “Coming Soon” page is available for those needing a temporary web presence. Alternatively, Airo can craft a complete website, enriching it with images and content based on the provided details. These websites can be customized using GoDaddy’s editing tools to ensure they align with business requirements.

GoDaddy’s latest offerings arrive amid growing worries about the authenticity of AI-generated content. Sriram told PYMNTS that GoDaddy makes it clear to its small business customers that content created by GoDaddy Airo is generated by AI. However, GoDaddy does not label content as AI-generated on websites its customers publish. 

“Small business owners have the option to both review and edit any content created by GoDaddy Airo before it is published,” he added. “GoDaddy does not automatically publish content without the customer’s approval, and it is the choice of our customers to declare the source of any content created for their online presence.”

Sriram said that customers can access GoDaddy Airo by registering a new domain or through alternative methods. For instance, the company is testing ways customers can use GoDaddy Airo within its website builder, WordPress offerings, and point-of-sale solutions. 

“Each experience provides different capabilities,” Sriram said. “For instance, WordPress customers can get really granular on their SEO, while the point-of-sale customers can take photos of menus or products and have them added to their catalog with product descriptions and prices.” 

Growing Options for AI Tools

The array of AI tools for websites is expanding. On Monday, introduced an AI-powered website builder. This tool lets users talk through their website needs with a chatbot. Users describe what they want, and the tool creates a custom website with the right pages and business features, like scheduling and eCommerce.

During the conversation, users get more questions based on their answers. Once all the needed details are collected, the AI creates a unique website with layout, design, text, images and necessary business tools.

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In the realm of chatbots and customer service, platforms such as Drift and Intercom have emerged as frontrunners, offering AI-powered chatbots capable of engaging visitors, answering inquiries, and delivering support in real time, Caroline Petersen, the founder of Gallery Design Studio, a creative agency for business-to-business (B2B) tech brands, told PYMNTS in an interview. These tools streamline communication processes and try to ensure prompt assistance for website visitors. 

Software like Optimizely and Adobe Target use AI algorithms to analyze visitor behavior and preferences, allowing websites to deliver tailored content to each individual. By adjusting content based on user data, these platforms enhance engagement and satisfaction, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and customer retention.

“AI can make websites smarter and more intuitive,” Petersen said. “Imagine a website that knows what your visitor wants to see before they do, thanks to AI-driven personalization. Plus, AI chatbots can handle basic customer service questions on the fly, making your website not just a brochure, but a helpful assistant.”