B2B Payments
“Doomsday” Warning – Despite Buoyant Markets, A Storm Is Coming
October 07, 2014

Economist, and “What’s Next in B2B Payments?” keynote speaker, Nouriel Roubini correctly identified the financial crisis of 2008 well before it was a frightening reality. Now, seven years later, global markets have rebounded and are more buoyant than ever; and according to Professor Roubini they...

B2B Payments
How NVoicePay is Trying to Solve Pain Points in the Enterprise Payments Space
September 26, 2014

Everyone wants things to be simpler – especially when it comes to payments. Karla Freide CEO/Founder of NVoicePay, believes in solutions that start with giving customers control of their payments in a simple workflow process.  Karla sat down with MPD CEO Karen Webster to explain...

Dates and Venue for RAMP 2014 Released
July 17, 2014

We are thrilled to announce the dates, agenda and venue for RAMP 2014 powered by Please join us this October 8-9 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, McCormick Place as we once again assemble the most influential minds in retail for 2 days of panel discussions, networking and first-hand access to the latest technologies that...

Are You On The Right Side of Payments Innovation?
July 07, 2014

With 90 percent of all payments innovation headed for that big innovation meet up in the sky, it’s not always obvious the answer is yes. But there’s a brand new way to know, and comes with a rigorous methodology, thanks to the efforts of some...

IP Slide Show
April 02, 2014

“It’s Woodstock for Payments Geeks”
March 18, 2014

It’s rare that the top innovators in the world meet in one location, but that’s just what’s happening today in Boston, as the Innovation Project 2014 kicks off at Harvard University. Though the media are not invited to attend, will provide exclusive coverage of...

A Look Inside of IP 2014’s Think-a-Thon®
March 17, 2014

03 March 2014 The Think-a-Thon and The Power of Collective Innovation Much innovation is about the lone venture pursuing the dreams of its entrepreneurs, creating a successful product, and reaping vast rewards. Everyone should celebrate that. But sometimes society faces problems that would benefit from “collective innovation”...

Preventing Online Fraud and Building Customer Trust
March 11, 2014

Online payment fraud resulted in billions of dollars in losses last year. Stopping fraud without impacting the experience for trusted customers is critical for organizations where any fraud prevention measure that adds to customer friction is a non-starter. Attend this webinar to learn methods to...

Applause Please! 2014 Payments Hall of Fame® Inductees and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Announced
March 11, 2014

What do Bob Selander, Arthur Hahn and George Wallner all have in common? Well, two things, actually. The first is that they changed the course of payments in a very material way – in fact so material that what they did has stood the test of time and has defined...