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Company Spotlight
Discover Partners With Allpoint Network For ATM Access
July 22, 2013

Maryland-based fee-free ATM network provider Allpoint Network announced a new partnership with Discover on July 22, a press release for the company said. Discover card users can now gain free access to cash at Allpoint’s network of 43,000 ATMs. “In the direct banking environment, account...

Company Spotlight
Innovating “it”: The Path To Discover’s New Card
May 14, 2013

What leads an established payments powerhouse to reengineer an already popular platform? According to Julie Loeger, SVP of brand and acquisition at Discover, the answer is simple: listening to the consumer. spoke with Loeger to get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Discover’s...

MasterCard’s Gary Flood On The Global Mind
February 21, 2013

What does the concept of the “Global Mind” entail? At The Innovation Project 2013, we’re determined to find out. First coined by former Vice President Al Gore around eight years ago, the Global Mind is the result of technology connecting people and information from all...

eBay Makes Major Play in Social Commerce Sector with New “Project”
September 10, 2011

eBay has acquired the platform and personnel from the Gifts Project, an Israeli social commerce venture that lets groups of friends come together to purchase a particular present. “The Gifts Project has been powering eBay’s version of the concept called Group Gifts for almost a...

Oh, Duh! Payments’ Most Obvious (Yet Overlooked) Best Practice
August 19, 2011

Sometimes it helps to be reminded of the stunningly obvious. You know, like if you want to lose weight, why not just eat less and exercise more? My favorite business example is don’t compete where there’s lots of competition. Blue Ocean Strategy became an enormous...

mPayments Trust: Google or Facebook?
August 17, 2011

Familiarity breeds trust, it seems, especially when it comes to mobile payments. By now, everyone and his mother-in-law has seen last week’s survey results touting Visa, MasterCard and AmEx as the top three trusted brands when it comes to mobile payments, with PayPal posting a...

Dangers of Assuming Invincibility – Could Your Firm Go the Way of the Typewriter Makers?
June 29, 2011

There was a lot of great stuff that came out of the Payments Innovation Institute at Harvard last week but two anecdotes that have absolutely nothing to do with payments specifically, I think, provide some of the more thought provoking insights around the pitfalls and...

“Googling” mPayments Ignition? Why Google’s Wallet May Be the Top Search Result
May 29, 2011

– Ask the Industry: Will Google Wallet ignite mobile payments? Share your thoughts here.   Google’s announcement today of its NFC-mobile payments scheme is, with a few exceptions, a real textbook case study in what you need to do if you want to ignite a...

The FACTA the Matter: Recent Cases Involving Payment Card Receipts Illustrate Flaws in “Bounty” Enforcement...
April 21, 2011

Introduction   Private ordering, rather than government intervention, has been the primary force behind the development of data security measures in the payment card industry. [1] Government intervention often occurs in response to security breakdowns, which draw attention to weaknesses in the private ordering regime....