FitPay CEO: Tokenization And Wearables Mean Identities Are Our Data  
May 07, 2018

Beyond the fitness tracker, wearables are catching on.  Get ready for the device as data conduit, as tracker of different sorts, from patient information to logistics monitor for manufacturing firms.  In the latest Topic TBD, FitPay CEO Mike Orlando tells Karen Webster the stage is...

To Ignite B2B eCommerce, Think Credit As A (Bundled) Service
February 05, 2018

B2B as eCommerce bastion of innovation? Not so farfetched, as traditional banks grapple with shifting business models, and Amazon disintermediates middlemen. In the latest Topic TBD, MSTS President Brandon Spear says smaller firms offering value add from bundled B2B functions, from credit to invoicing, can...

For FIs, Risk Becomes Reputation (And Vice Versa)
November 20, 2017

Know your customer.  Know your customer’s customer.  Commerce is a linked chain and for FIs, what they do not know will hurt them.  In the latest Topic TBD, Jane Hennessy, G2 Web Services’ head of external relations, relates how reputation monitoring can make all the...

AirHelp’s Out To Smooth The Turbulence In Airline Reimbursements
July 31, 2017

Two hundred and thirty four million passengers — and that’s on the U.S. airlines alone. The summer’s a long and hot one for airlines and passengers alike, especially when delays and other complications set in. How to get paid for (wasted) time? Many passengers don’t...

Convenience Vs. Risk In A Connected Devices World
February 20, 2017

In just three years, everything from running shoes to baby monitors could become a point-of-sale device as 30+ billion connected devices are payment-enabled. In this week’s Topic TBD, Melissa Townsley, CEO of GIACT, joined Karen Webster to discuss why keeping those transactions safe must accelerate...

Making Startups Pay (And Get Paid)
January 30, 2017

Every “next big idea” needs a little help getting off the ground to make the leap from dream to reality. One reality is payments — no young business can thrive if customers find friction in payments. In the latest Topic TBD, Plasso CEO Drew Wilson explains how...

Can Blockchain Make The ‘Un-Sexy’ Side Of Payments, Sexy?
January 23, 2017

B2B payments lag the consumer world when it comes to embracing technology and abandoning the paper check. But that may be about to change. In the latest installment of PYMNTS Topic TBD, PayStand CEO Jeremy Almond discusses how companies can traverse the last mile of tech...

Avoiding Bad (Bank) Luck, With Agile Processing
January 16, 2017

Friday the 13th, the date of our latest Topic TBD, brings images of bad luck — from black cats to ladders you shouldn’t walk under. But for financial institutions grappling with, and losing business to, upstart FinTechs, is every day Friday the 13th? Not if FIs adapt...

Upping Gift Giving’s IQ
January 09, 2017

The emotional rollercoaster ride that is gift giving can be smoothed out a bit with intelligent choices aided by new technology, says Ben Strenitz, cofounder of SmartGift. He offers his take on the age of millennials and curated gifting experiences in the latest episode of...