The Durbin Amendment Briefing Room

Cross-Routing: PIN and Signature Debit Interchangeability under the Durbin Amendment
November 01, 2013

This article argues that the Durbin Interchange Amendment’s“multi-homing” provision, which prohibits exclusive routingarrangements on debit card transactions, should be understood topermit “cross-routing”— the routing of signature debit transactionsover PIN debit networks and vice-versa to encourage competitionfor best price execution on payment card authorization, clearance and...

The Costs and Benefits of Half a Loaf: The Economic Effects of Recent Regulation of...
November 01, 2013

The charges applied by debit card networks and the banks issuing debit cards have become matters of broad interest and import ,as the numbers of Americans using debit cards and the value of debit card transactions have both risen sharply and steadily. Read more.