Today in Food Commerce: Popeyes Gears up for Drive-Thru Growth; Just Eat Takeaway Considers Grubhub Sale


Today in food commerce, Popeyes announces plans to expand its double drive-thru footprint, while Grubhub parent company Just Eat Takeaway looks into selling the aggregator. Plus, grocers leverage automation to tackle supply chain challenges.

Popeyes Leans on Drive-Thru Channel to Boost Demand Fulfillment Capabilities

As restaurants seek out more labor-efficient ways to fulfill demand, many are turning to the drive-thru channel. Quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain Popeyes has announced that the company plans to open more than 200 restaurants in the United States and Canada this year, as well as a number of locations in other countries. Over half of the new restaurants are set to feature a double drive-thru.

Just Eat Takeaway Explores Sale of Grubhub as US Competitors Pull Ahead

It would appear that Just Eat Takeaway’s Grubhub bet is not paying off. In a trading update, the Netherlands-based company has announced that it is “actively exploring” the possibility of a partial or full sale of the Chicago, Illinois-based aggregator or bringing in a strategic partner.

Grocers Leverage Inventory Management Automation to Boost Efficiency, CX

As supply chain issues rack the grocery industry, businesses are challenged to find new ways to improve inventory management, becoming more efficient and preempting challenges where possible. Minnesota grocery chain Lunds & Byerlys, which has 28 locations in the state, has announced the deployment of a new computer vision- and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered shelf scanning solution created by retail technology company Pensa.

Restaurant Tech Platform Foodics Raises $170M

Saudi ResTech firm Foodics has raised $170 million in a Series C round, which will go toward supporting its expansion regionally and internationally, including its merger and acquisition strategy.