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Square Launches 10 New Generative AI Features to Assist Businesses

Square has announced the launch of 10 new generative AI features that aim to assist businesses of all sizes, the company announced Wednesday (Oct. 18).

These tools are integrated into Square’s business software and provide sellers with the ability to automate operations, streamline workflows and save time.

One of the key features is the Menu Generator, which allows restaurants to create a full menu on Square in just a few minutes. Another feature, called Photo Environments, enables eCommerce sellers to add hyperreal AI-generated backgrounds to their websites.

In addition to these features, Square has introduced AI-generated content creation tools, the company said. Sellers can now benefit from personalized email copy generated by Square Marketing, making email marketing easier and more efficient. Square Team Communication allows employers to generate and send out team announcements quickly, keeping staff informed about new products and promotions. The AI-assisted copy generator in Square Online helps sellers save time and boost SEO by providing assistance with website copy, from set-up to blog posts. Furthermore, Square Messages now offers more sophisticated AI responses, allowing sellers to enhance direct messaging with buyers through personalized suggestions.

Square also focuses on onboarding and set-up tools to help businesses get started quickly. The Auto-generated library in Square Point of Sale suggests items for sellers to adopt based on insights about their business, saving valuable start-up time. Square Appointments has made it easier for salons and spas to switch booking platforms by automatically importing service names, descriptions, durations, and prices during onboarding.

These new features aim to increase operational efficiency and optimize workflows for sellers. For example, Square KDS can now auto-assign menu items to kitchen categories and station screens, streamlining back-of-house operations in restaurants. Additionally, sellers using Square Point of Sale software can benefit from auto-written product descriptions, allowing them to add new inventory quickly and focus on attracting more buyers across all their integrated selling channels.

Saumil Mehta, Head of Point of Sale and Omnichannel at Square, emphasized the company’s commitment to enabling seamless and intuitive applications of AI. Square aims to help businesses of all sizes scale their operations and take advantage of these new innovations. The company’s integrated ecosystem, combined with generative AI, positions Square and its sellers at the forefront of technology.