Alloy Debuts Its B2B Software Integration Solution, Alloy Embedded

Integration and automation platform Alloy has rolled out Alloy Embedded, which enables software companies to fast track integration, a press release said Thursday (May 19).

The software is powered by the same infrastructure supporting various brands on Alloy Automation.

The release said Alloy Embedded will offer a number of services, including reduced integration development, saving time and money. It needs no code for non-technical teams, and will have seamless, unbranded, native integration experience, so merchants can access their integrations any time they need.

“Besides selling this software to brands, we can expedite a connected future by providing our integration infrastructure to the software apps being used by those brands,” said Alloy’s CEO and Co-Founder Sara Du. “Those software apps can use what we’ve already built so they never have to hire dedicated integration teams and spend months at a time on a single integration.”

Gregg Mojica, Alloy’s CTO and co-founder, said Embedded is a “a truly native integration experience with extensive customizability features.”

“We’ve built world-class partnerships with hundreds of apps and our knowledge of the eCommerce space is second to none,” he said. “By buying Alloy Embedded, our customers get access to hundreds of eCommerce integrations and our killer engineering team.”

All this comes as the eCommerce industry is flooded with software providers — the Shopify app store boasts more than 6,000 apps — although the release noted a lack of connectivity between many tools, which renders them useless to eCommerce brands which need a “fully connected” tech stack.

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Global identity verification partner Veriff has partnered with Alloy, a PYMNTS report said. It will make Veriff’s identity verification tech available through Alloy’s platform.

This will help Veriff with its know-your-customer (KYC) offerings. It will assist banks and FinTechs in fighting fraud and remaining legally complaint, while providing identity verification capabilities and KYC solutions which can be used during client onboarding.