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Costco Tops Consumer Experience Study

Providing top-notch user experiences online and on mobile isn’t limited to retail categories. Sure, an Apple or a Microsoft that misses the mark with smooth site design and performance might have more egg on its face than others, but by and large consumers expect the best from every merchant they shop at.

According to a new study from app research firm Dynatrace, one brand reigns supreme in this competition – and it might not be the most intuitive winner. Costco, wholesale retailer supreme, captured the top spot in Dynatrace’s “2016 Digital Experience Report,” which tracked brands’ online presences across industries as diverse as insurance, brokerage, leisure and, of course, retail with an eye toward home page and mobile site performance and end-user experience.

Dynatrace didn’t provide details on the site specifications of individual brands, but Chain Store Age did outline some general statistics like the average home page last-mile load time, which sat at 7.97 seconds. Among the Top 3 performers – Costco, followed by Apple and an unnamed third-place company – that number slipped closer to 3.2 seconds.

Similarly, mobile speeds also lagged among the pack, with pages loading in 6.08 seconds, though top performers scored nearer to 2.5 seconds.

While site performance may have clearly delineated lines between the top performers and those playing catch-up, site reliability on the other hand was determined by much slighter margins. Among the most successful brands in the Dynatrace study, their sites delivered 99.39 percent of the time.

However, a slip of just 1.06 percent in reliability lands brands back in the middle of the digital user experience pack.



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