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Inside the June Tracker
Credit Union Tracker
  • An interview with Tony Hildesheim, chief information officer at Redwood Credit Union, on how CUs can utilize both financial and social data to improve customer service
  • The latest credit union developments, including milestones, partnerships and new technological innovations
  • A Deep Dive exploring the advantages and challenges of CU-issued credit cards, and the uphill battle they face against bank-issued cards

Credit Union — May 2019

Inside the May 2019 Tracker
Credit Union Tracker

Community First Credit Union’s Rebecca Nystrom Brito on why the CU offers an agriculture loan program for elementary through high school-aged students

Notable credit union ecosystem headlines, including Indiana-based Teachers Credit Union’s acquisition of New Buffalo Savings Bank and how HR 1957 will affect CUs

A Deep Dive exploring how credit unions can take user-centric approaches to designing mobile apps and other digital offerings

Credit Union – April 2019

Credit Union Tracker
  • An interview with Eric Bangerter, vice president of eCommerce at University of Wisconsin Credit Union, on what it takes for on-campus CUs to win over new college student members
  • Notable headlines from around the credit union space, including a collaboration between PenFed and AFG regarding residual-based financing and the NCUA’s newly approved audit rule
  • A Deep Dive on how CUs can use better data strategies to improve their lending practices

Credit Union – March 2019

Credit Union Tracker
  • An interview with Pentagon Federal Credit Union on the steps it took to serve members during the recent U.S. government shutdown
  • Notable headlines from around the credit union space, including new anti-fraud solutions, mergers and partnerships, retailer offerings and efforts to reach the financially vulnerable
  • A Deep Dive into how credit unions can use strong fraud-fighting approaches to win over and retain members

Credit Union – DECEMBER/JANUARY 2019

Credit Union Tracker
  • An interview with Colleen Kelly, general counsel of the Credit Union National Association, on what AML/BSA requirements mean for credit unions and the “two-way street” in which CUs and law enforcement collaborate to fight financial crimes
  • Notable headlines from around the credit union space, including news on shifting regulations and the technological changes that are changing the way credit unions engage with their members
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