PSCU Adds New Digital Xperience Features For Mobile Users

Credit Unions Unite Behind Digital Banking

PSCU, a credit union service organization (CUSO), will be expanding its services this year with more options for mobile users like a new online card management tool and digital issuance, according to an emailed press release.

The Digital Xperience (DX) platform has undergone several updates, PSCU announced.

The card management tool DX Online, currently in pilot, will strive to let members manage their debit and credit needs via mobile after-hours. And for credit unions (CUs), DX Online will help with allowing customization of various aspects of the administrative side, which PSCU describes as “robust,” including a self-serve environment for things such as marketing content.

Brenda Edwards, chief operating officer at Chattanooga-based Scenic Community Credit Union, said the organization was involved in the pilot, listing features such as “card lock/unlock” as highlights. Edwards said the new program had provided a reassurance that members’ data was safe and that they could do anything they needed to with their own information.

There will also be a new digital issuance option, which will enable payments that are quick, easy and without interruptions, according to the press release.

All the features that come with the DX platform are available through PSCU’s API offering, which enables almost 2 billion transactions every year. The API gives a flexibility for members to choose how to manage their business, including using a hybrid model of experience design and hosting, the press release stated.

The platform serves to enable smaller local CUs to compete with bigger banks. It aims to maintain the “personal touch” that sets local CUs apart from the larger chains. The program also makes use of high-tech fraud detection techniques.

Denise Stevens, chief product officer at PSCU, said the CUSO is trying its hardest to keep up with CUs’ needs, which evolve and change over time and now encompass easy access to mobile banking and contactless payments.

Contactless payments, in which a customer can handle everything via mobile without touching a screen or another person, are particularly important during the era of the coronavirus as people try to avoid infection or spreading the lethal virus.