New Cryptocurrency Provider Ranking Finds Healthy Sector Getting More Fit

It’s going to happen. In fact, it is happening. The crypto-volution. We know it’s speculative and there’s some risk involved, but we might as well face it: crypto is here to stay. Let’s be friendly.

We assemble PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps with app data, and there’s nothing speculative about it. Downloads, monthly average users — we crunch it all.

That’s how we get to present, for your reading pleasure and for love of commerce, this ranking.

The Top 5

There’s still a tie for No. 1, and it’s still the same cage match we’ve been watching for months.

Coinbase sticks where it already was — the very top — at No. 1. So too does

Binance is keeping at No. 2, thank you very much.

Still strong at No. 3 it’s still the Voyager crypto wallet.

At No. 4 it’s KuCoin, which prefers higher elevations.

Closing out the Top 5 at No. 5 we’ve got the Blockchain Wallet app from

The Top 10

This one gets around, they’re up one week, down the next, but always in the game. It’s none other than the popular Huobi app at No. 6 this cycle.

Cooling out at No. 7 we find the Gemini app and its strong anti-money laundering/know your customer (AML/KYC) protections.

Here’s another app that popped in once and just stayed. It’s our No. 8 this month, OKEx.

Bringing home the Bitcoin at No. 9 it’s the BitMart app, going strong since 2017.

Last app to make this latest Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps is BlockFi, taking No. 10 in a walk and its high-yield crypto accounts.

Thus, endeth this ranking.