Today in Crypto: Investing App Stash Offers Crypto Accounts

Investing and banking app Stash will be offering more cryptocurrency access through separate accounts, a press release said.

The company will now let customers buy eight of the biggest cryptocurrencies, with the company saying there will be guardrails in place to help them invest with more confidence.

The offerings will help guide customers to “thoughtful investment decisions” and letting them achieve bigger financial goals. The offering comes through a partnership with Apex Crypto to help Stash with its expanded crypto access. Apex is a subsidiary of Apex Fintech Solutions, and will be partnering with Stash on cryptocurrency investing infrastructure.

“Stashers are intrigued by crypto and we are here to help them as a trusted partner,” said Brandon Krieg, co-founder and CEO of Stash. “We built this feature the ‘Stash Way.’ By design, our platform educates our customers, not just with content but also with built-in guardrails that aim to align with their best interests as they embark on their crypto investing journey.”

The company will also offer a crypto calculator tool to help customers build and keep a balanced portfolio, with screens reminding customers of crypto volatility. It will transparently display transaction fees to discourage frequent trading.

Customers will get in-app alerts if their portfolio has too much crypto exposure as related to their risk profiles. There will also be education and mentorship opportunities through various channels.

Stash initially offered crypto access through its Smart Portfolio accounts earlier in 2022.

There has been a movement for more mainstream finance companies getting into digital assets, with some of them like Mastercard also making sure security and trust were accounted for.

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Mastercard Crypto Secure, which is powered by crypto intelligence startup CipherTrace, which it bought last year, was intended to add more security in the digital ecosystem. The idea is to help maintain legitimate currency flow while also cutting down on risk to fraud.

Crypto Secure helps card issuers comply with regulations for digital assets, offering insights, technology and proprietary information, allowing users to assess risks to decide whether to approve crypto purchases.