Clearbit Offers New APIs and Pricing Model for Company Intelligence

Clearbit has launched a new way for firms to control data usage across a large base of customers.

The provider of real-time company intelligence said in a Tuesday (Feb. 14) blog post that its Powered by Clearbit program now enables customers to provision application programming interface (API) keys, offer free data credits to their customers and enable them to purchase additional data.

“Powered by Clearbit makes it easy to inform and personalize your products with best-in-class company intelligence, fast APIs and a cost-effective pricing model,” the firm said in the post.

PYMNTS research has found that customer data is the key to not only streamlining the B2B buying experience, but also to more personalized sales interactions — an increasing necessity in B2B customer relationships.

Centralizing the collection of customer data helps create a more unified buyer experience, Michael Vittum, senior manager and go-to-market lead for payments and commerce at Hubspot, told PYMNTS when interviewed for the “B2B Digital Payments Tracker,” a PYMNTS and American Express collaboration.

The new offering from Clearbit solves a common challenge faced by companies that use its data in their B2B solutions: controlling the cost and risk of unpredictable data usage, the firm said in the post.

Now companies can more easily build and scale marketing and sales tools that are powered by data. The APIs enable firms to integrate data without affecting their products’ response times and the pricing model controls for unpredictable usage by customers, Clearbit said in the post.

“From [artificial intelligence-driven] apps to business intelligence tools, we’re excited to power the next generation of B2B solutions,” Clearbit said in the post.

Companies’ new focus on being targeted and efficient in terms of customer acquisition cost has increased the need for tools like those from Clearbit that help clients identify companies that are within their ideal customer profile and should therefore be targeted with advertising, Clearbit Chief Financial Officer Derek Schlicker told PYMNTS in an interview posted in September.

“It’s really getting a lot more tactical and kind of a sniper-style, go-to-market strategy versus spreading your bets around in a number of advertising channels,” Schlicker said at the time.