Digital Wallet Coingrig Users Can Link to Bank Accounts

Digital wallet Coingrig has integrated Nordigen’s open banking platform in a move the companies say will “increase the ease of bank connectivity to their digital wallet.”

According to an announcement on Nordigen’s website Wednesday (May 25), the Coingrig wallet lets users manage all their personal finance and assets in one place – both traditional banking and cryptocurrency – letting them access their bank accounts and track their investments.

The wallets let users purchase and sell cryptocurrency at reduced fees, access more than a million trade tokens across multiple blockchains, and connect their centralized exchanges holdings and unified swap feature integrated with decentralized exchanges.

The wallet is secure and non-custodial and the user can access it without making an account, Nordigen said.

“Coingrig provides an immersive and detailed one-stop-shop for your financial needs,” said — Radu Vulpescu, CEO and Co-founder of  Coingrig. “Nordigen and their open banking platform allow secure regulated access to the user’s banking information, helping us to continue to provide the user with a seamless financial experience.”

And Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen, adds that the company’s open banking platform “gives secure and regulated access to thousands of banks across Europe facilitating up-to-date information to be shared directly into Coingrig users’ wallets.”

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Last month, Nordigen worked with cash flow management company Cashology to help it launch its accounting and budgeting platform.

This integration lets Cashology’s customers link all their bank accounts to the tool and manage their finances from a single platform.

“Nowadays, experts within financial services prioritize an improved customer experience, ease of use and automation,” Mesters said. “Cashology has created a tool to bring those features to accounting and we are excited to see Nordigen become a significant element in their journey to modernizing cash flow management programs.”