Digital Fraud Tracker

Digital Fraud – September 2019

Inside the September Tracker
Digital Fraud Tracker
  • Andrew Sloper, head of digital identity and authentication at Chase, explains how machine learning tools are being used by the bank to develop a layered and preventative approach to fighting fraud
  • The latest fraud headlines, including the Federal Trade Commission’s warning to consumers about romance scam activities
  • A Deep Dive highlighting the pros and cons of using unsupervised machine learning for anti-fraud efforts

Digital Fraud – August 2019

Inside the August Tracker
Digital Fraud Tracker
  • Rob Leathern, Facebook’s director of product management, on how the company prevents ad fraud via automated detection systems and thorough advertiser vetting
  • The latest digital fraud developments, including an attempted North Korean cyberattack on an African bank
  • A Deep Dive analyzing the ever-changing face of ad fraud and how developers are fighting back

Digital Fraud – July 2019

Inside the July Tracker
Digital Fraud
  • Notable headlines on fraud, including how social media channels are being utilized by fraudsters in the U.K.
  • Nicolas Kopp, U.S. CEO for challenger bank N26, on the fraud challenges and concerns the company faced when entering the U.S. market
  • A Deep Dive exploring why phishing schemes remain one of the most dangerous types of fraud

Digital Fraud – June 2019

Inside the June Tracker
Digital Fraud Tracker
  • Joseph Sieczkowski, head of technology architecture and data at BNY Mellon, talks about how the bank is using AI and data analytics in its fight against cybercrime
  • A Deep Dive outlining fraud in the video game industry, and how gamers and platforms can protect themselves from account takeovers
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including biometric technology advances, new social media threats and dark web marketplace shutdowns

Digital Fraud – March 2019

Digital Fraud Tracker
  • Amy Hsu, vice president of product and research for SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, discusses how it works to make Zelle transactions frictionless for members and while keeping fraudsters at bay
  • A Deep Dive that outlines how real-time payment systems have made certain types of fraud – including account takeovers and “money mules” – more prevalent
  • Notable headlines from around the space, including an uptick in CNP fraud in rural Australia, Amazon’s new payment service in India and more

Digital Fraud – January 2019

Inside the December/January Tracker
Digital Fraud Tracker
  • A Deep Dive exploring the rise of fraud during the holiday season, and what retailers can do to combat cybercriminals
  • Notable headlines on fraud, including news surrounding fraud in luxury retail and what security and fraud prevention measures luxury brands are taking
  • Neiman Marcus’ chief information security officer, Shamoun Siddiqui, and its director of security architecture, Kyle Ciborowski, discuss how luxury retailers can protect themselves against fraudsters as they turn to artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated bot attacks to mimic human customers

DIGITAL FRAUD – February 2019

Digital Fraud Tracker
  • A Deep Dive exploring the rise of identity theft and how it’s affecting financial institutions
  • Notable headlines on fraud, including news surrounding the rise of synthetic identity theft, application fraud and account opening fraud
  • Dickson Chu, head of global portfolio management for Spanish banking group BBVA, on how banks can better protect against fraud in a world where fraudsters have their hands on millions of stolen credentials for identity theft and account opening fraud
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