NEW REPORT: Helping Beauty Professionals Tame The Cash Flow Beast

Time is money. And for contractors in the beauty industry, time wasted by no-show customers cuts right into the bottom line. But new payment tools are now available to help these gig workers enforce fees for late and no-show customers, giving them access to more control over a steady cash flow.

The September edition of the Disbursements Tracker™, powered by Ingo Money, showcases the latest developments in the payment disbursement space and how recent developments are giving consumers around the world quicker access to their funds.

Around the World of Disbursements

For merchants and office workers in India, new disbursement tools were recently released to give the global workplace a benefits upgrade.

As corporate air travel in India shows an increase in activity, some companies are rolling out new tools to make the reservation and reimbursement process simpler. Corporate travel solutions provider MakeMyTrip, for instance, rolled out a new tool to help Indian SMBs embrace paperless solutions for travel reimbursements and enable employees to book their own travel arrangements.

On a similar note, a new disbursement tool from a prominent Indian bank could allow office workers to get reimbursed for work-related expenses faster. IDFC Bank recently partnered with startup Zeta to help digitize employee benefits, allowing workers to access the benefits platform through an app and submit claims for meals, fuel and other out-of-pocket expenditures and then receive those reimbursements through a prepaid card.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, a new payment tool from TerraPay could make physical money in several African markets less relevant. The company recently announced an agreement with Instant Cash, a money transfer services provider, to facilitate cross-border money transfers to mobile wallet consumers in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. The service, the companies said, is intended to serve the migrant populations living in these markets by offering them access to real-time payments and remittance services.

Data Dive: Remote Deposit Technology

In the elaborate plot to #KillTheCheck, an unlikely suspect has emerged: Remote checking deposit technology. This month’s Tracker includes a deep Data Dive that looks at the rise of the remote check deposit technology that was designed to offer bank customers a faster way to deposit checks into their bank accounts without visiting a bank branch or an ATM. The Data Dive also explores how the technology has — somewhat ironically, perhaps — been instrumental in accelerating the paper check’s march toward irrelevance.

Beauty Tools to Untangle the Payments Web

When a consumer needs that perfect look, they head straight to their preferred hair stylist, beautician or barber. But when that customer forgets or abandons an appointment, where does the self-employed beauty professional go to get paid for their lost revenue? For the September Tracker’s Feature Story, PYMNTS spoke with Dan Chandre, senior vice president and general manager of Integrated Payments for Booker, a business management software provider, about giving beauty industry gig workers a new tool to help with the business side of cutting and coloring. The company’s solutions, Chandre said, aim to help beauty contractors manage appointments, engage with customers and quickly collect fees for absent customers to protect their cash flows.

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