Telehealth Company Amwell Reports Continued Gains in Powering Hybrid Care

Telehealth company Amwell highlighted successful client migrations, virtual nursing capabilities and a focus on business development during its Q2 2023 earnings call.

During the Wednesday (Aug. 2) call, Amwell Chairman and CEO Dr. Ido Schoenberg discussed the successful migration of Intermountain Health, a major health system, to Amwell’s Converge platform.

“During Q2, we maintained a steady pace of client migrations,” Schoenberg said. “Visits on Converge rose to 43% of total visits in Q2, up from 36% last quarter. We also successfully executed on the migration of Intermountain Health, a major driver of this metric during Q2.”

This migration showcases the value and effectiveness of Amwell’s Converge platform in delivering exceptional value and availability for clients, Schoenberg said.

Schoenberg also announced the launch of a large strategic payer client on Converge, showing the company’s commitment to powering hybrid care.

“We are proud to be the engine powering their approach to hybrid care,” Schoenberg said. “This payer aspires to deliver best-in-class technical success rates for their provider visits. Upon go-live, the client scaled rapidly and their technical success metric soared.”

This partnership demonstrates the value of Amwell’s connective infrastructure platform, which reduces the load on clients’ call centers and generates savings across organizations, Schoenberg said.

Addressing the nursing shortage, Amwell deployed its virtual nursing capabilities at a healthcare facility.

Discussing this expansion deployment, Schoenberg said: “Virtual nursing is an emerging capability enabled by our solution, which represents a meaningful opportunity for us. With virtual nursing, care teams leverage our certified devices and software to monitor multiple rooms, efficiently handle alerts, escalate for fall prevention, and improve the overall patient and care team experience.”

This solution showcases Amwell’s commitment to leveraging technology to improve healthcare delivery and address industry challenges, Schoenberg said.

With the client migrations, expansion of virtual nursing capabilities, and a focus on business development exhibited during the most recent quarter, Amwell is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the hybrid care enablement industry, executives said during the call.