Debuts In-Car Ordering App for Retail

Mavi OnMyWay, car, Mavi has made a new in-car commerce app to let shoppers order goods from their car dashboard, the company announced in a press release Thursday (March 24).

The company said the app, called Mavi OnMyWay, will bring “safe, easy, curated shopping” for customers.

According to the release, OnMyWay works by calculating a user’s optimal location to order from, using factors like a driver’s route, destination and timing, along with a store or restaurant’s current inventory.

The tech, according to the company, facilitates hands-free or dashboard ordering and payment through the driver’s preprogrammed information. It then coordinates the logistics and tells the driver where to park to pick up curbside, streamlining the process.

Mavi will be piloting this service with two retail partners in BurgerFi and Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings, though more partners will be revealed later on. It will be available through the Harman Ignite Store connected vehicle platform as of mid-2022.

“Drivers can use Mavi to request that their connected cars recommend, order, pay for and coordinate pickup of coffee, meals, groceries and need-it-now items like phone chargers, flowers and personal care products,” the company stated. “In addition, they can use Mavi to coordinate with service providers like dry cleaners and parking garages, so they can make fewer trips and get what they need whenever and wherever they’re driving.”

PYMNTS wrote about the initial uses of Mavi’s program with BurgerFi in late December 2021, writing that the burger restaurant was rolling out service for the 5G-enabled cars. This allowed customers to put in orders while sitting in their cars.

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