Fiverr Expands Business Offerings For Easier Remote Work

Fiverr Expands Business Offerings

Fiverr International Ltd., an established player in the field of connecting businesses and freelancers, on Tuesday (Sept. 15) announced a new offering aimed at facilitating easy cooperation among teams of workers.

“This platform is designed for corporate teams and departments to collaborate with each other while managing projects with freelance talent and will be subscription-based,” the company said in its prepared statement.

“The global health crisis and subsequent corporate office closures have forever changed how the world works,” the company stated. “There has been an acceleration, fast-forwarding the future of work in ways that have stress-tested businesses’ abilities to blend people and technology to maintain productivity. At the same time, they have been forced, like never before, to protect the health and well-being of employees. Technology has played a key role in ensuring this new remote workforce remains in touch, in-the-know and supported.”

The company stated that a recent survey of more than 2,000 businesses found that 52 percent plan to increase their budgets for freelance services.

Micha Kaufman, Fiverr’s chief executive officer, said in a prepared statement: “For the past 10 years, Fiverr has been a leading advocate for the power and importance of remote workers as part of any company workforce. Because of this, we have been at the center of building products and tools to remove all friction from this structure. The pandemic has forced companies everywhere to rethink best practices for hiring, and this means focusing on a full-time team supporting their core competencies while integrating freelance talent as a way to easily scale.”

Kaufman continued: “Fiverr Business was designed to integrate into a company’s workflow and become a part of the digital onboarding experience for employees – they get access to email, Slack and Dropbox, as well as their Fiverr Business team account, wherein all of their projects can be managed. It is reliable, budget-friendly and simple, but most of all, it gets the job done faster than any other method.”

Fiverr Business’ offerings include access to a list of curated freelancers, access to executive assistants, and project management and budget tools.

Yael Brandt, head of digital transformation at Unilever Israel and a user of Fiverr Business’ beta launch, said in a statement included by Fiverr in today’s news release: “As a company that needs to be able to move fast and scale quickly, Fiverr Business has become essential to my team’s workflow. It has become addictive in a sense, because all of sudden, those tight deadlines that you used to be under become irrelevant when you have a solution like Fiverr Business. The platform allows you to intuitively locate and evaluate talent, while at the same time managing your team projects and budgets. What I love most is that I have visibility and control every step of the way.”