Google Areo Focuses On Food, Home Services In India

While Google Express provides home deliveries for groceries and other goods in the states, the company’s app, which launched in India, Google Areo, is more focused on food delivery and home services, according to 9to5Google.

Areo, which has a simple interface, features cards listing the categories of services you can order from the app. It groups “thousands of local goods and services,” including “restaurants, providers and chefs” for food delivery, as well as “electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers and more” for home maintenance services.

Users can filter through all of the results by simply tapping and drilling down. There is a general search, as well as detailed ratings and reviews. Google partnered with several prominent services in the country, but doesn’t have integrations with other big players like Amazon. Right now, Areo is only available in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Deliveries and services can be reserved and scheduled at specific times, and checkout is done via netbanking, card or with cash upon delivery. Areo differs from previous services in that the payment process for the merchant is completed directly within the app.

Areo continues the trend of recent Google launches in India, with Google Play Music subscriptions released earlier this month, as well as a beta version of YouTube Go.