Google Maps Can Now Help You Locate Your Parked Car

If you often have difficulty remembering where you parked your car, you’re in luck: Google announced this week that Google Maps now supports saving car parking information.

According to Fortune Magazine, after parking, mobile users tap on a blue button in the Google Maps app that will prompt a “Save Your Parking” message, which they then need to press again to save the spot. Once the location data has been logged, drivers can then add other details that will make finding the car easier, such as which level within the parking garage their car is located.

In addition, people who park in front of parking meters can record how much time they paid for, and Google will even send a notification 15 minutes prior to the meter’s expiring. A driver can also take a picture of his parking spot with his phone’s camera and send it to friends, although it’s unclear whether that information can be shared over social media.

The new parking feature is available on both the Android and Apple iOS apps for Google Maps.

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