Google Maps Adds Shortcuts To Restaurants Offering Delivery, Takeout

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To help people staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, Google Maps is spotlighting local restaurants open for pickup and delivery, according to a report in 9to5Google.

Shortcut buttons are being added to Google Maps to make it easier for people to get information about different places to get food. The new shortcuts are similar to the shortcuts for gas stations, coffee shops and other places. Although eateries have been part of Maps for some time, Google is making access more user-friendly and has integrated an ordering process.

The feature is available now in the U.S., Canada and France. The new shortcuts are in addition to other information added to the app about the coronavirus.

In other Google coronavirus news, the search giant released a new mapping resource that can possibly help slow the spread of the pandemic. Google is tracking the data from phones just like it does for Google Maps, but it maintains it won’t reveal any identifying information to authorities.

On Friday (April 3) Google announced that it would make the COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports available.

The reports “provide insights into what has changed in response to work from home, shelter in place, and other policies aimed at flattening the curve of this pandemic. These reports have been developed to be helpful while adhering to our stringent privacy protocols and policies,” Google said in a blog post by Jen Fitzpatrick, senior vice president for Google Geo, and Karen DeSalvo, chief health officer at Google Health.

Revelations from the report were gleaned from anonymized user data from people who have turned on the Location History setting, which is off by default. The report data will show how traffic patterns have changed after the lockdown.

Google also announced it is planning to donate over $800 million to help businesses adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.



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