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Google Introduces Enterprise-Focused AI Updates

Google has debuted several updates for its artificial intelligence (AI) suite for cloud computing clients.

“Today, we are announcing that organizations can ground models in Google Search, giving customers access to the combined power of Google’s latest foundation models and access to fresh, high-quality information,” the company wrote in a Tuesday (April 9) blog post

“This means users get results that are rooted in one of the most trusted sources of information, built on decades of experience ranking and understanding information quality,” the post added. 

In addition, Google said it is offering numerous ways for enterprises to leverage retrieval augmented generation, or RAG, which lets companies ground model responses in enterprise data sources, using “methods like semantic similarity to search documents and data stores.” 

The company said it calls the concept of grounding on search and enterprise data “Enterprise Truth,” and added that Google views it as a foundation for the next generation of AI agents — ones that go beyond chat to search for information and carry out tasks for the user.

“Enterprises have been piloting with us a number of scenarios with generative AI; now they’re deploying them in production,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said in an interview with Bloomberg before the announcement. “The capabilities to do things like grounding, improving correctness of answers — all of those, step by step, people have gotten comfortable, they’re seeing value, and they’re deploying as a result.”

In its blog post, Google outlined some of the “entirely new use cases” customers have created with its AI, such as crafting AI-powered customer service agents and academic tutors, or using the technology to analyze large swaths of complex financial documents. 

Among these clients is United Wholesale Mortgage, which is “using Gemini 1.5 Pro to enrich the underwriting process and to automate the mortgage application process,” Google said. 

PYMNTS last month examined Google’s reported plans to work with Apple to add Gemini to the iPhone. 

“Apple’s largest moat, the App Store and Apple Services and their nearly 2 billion loyal and affluent customers, will lead to them investing in AI for developer tools for app development, app content, and a category that’s eluded Apple forever, search,” Michael Jaconi, CEO of the AI marketing tech company Button, said in an interview with PYMNTS. 

“Apple’s $18 billion paycheck from Google is great, but no one monetizes AI search today, really, so why not own that future when so much of the current search market already starts with you,” he added. 

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