New Telemedicine App Provider Ranking Thinks You Should Have That Looked At

MyTeleMed Tops Telemedicine Ranking

As Bugs Bunny famously said, “You don’t look so good. You oughta see the doc.”

He was referring to Dr. Jekyll, and it’s a pretty old cartoon so you know … grain of salt.

As for PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps, it’s not a grain of salt but a spoonful of sugar as patient/consumers feel better just knowing these apps are there, much less how accessible and downright convenient this care model is.

Let’s take a quick romp through the rankings.

The Top 5

There’s a new No. 1 in town, and it’s the MyTeleMed app rising a spot. Nice view up there.

Dropping a spot to No. 2 it’s Teladoc. Our advice? Tell a doc everything. Don’t hold back.

Now it’s smooth sailing for several chart positions as six apps have held their ground.

Among these, at No. 3 it’s the K Health app.

No change either for No. 4-ranked Doctor On Demand.

The BetterHelp app remains at No. 5, keeping us sane — and keeping itself in the Top 5.

The Top 10

Still chill at No. 6 we find MDLIVE. No change.

Canada’s Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors is solid at No. 7 for another cycle.

The Vsee Clinic app is looking well where we left it last month, at No. 8.

Rising one chart position to No. 9, we’ve got the LiveHealth app.

That leaves us to deal with the tie for No. 10. In this corner, remaining at No. 10 where it was last time we met here, we’ve got the InTouch Patient app.

Joining them at No. 10 this time it’s the HealthTap app, down a spot.

And that’s a wrap. Stay healthy, app fans.