Telemedicine App Provider Ranking Includes 5 Movers and Shakers

While some of these apps might connect you with people who will ask about your body mass index or beats per minute, we will analyze the apps and look for things like their channel coverage and up-to-date downloads. 

We do so each month for the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps. In this month’s results, five of the apps have scores that are five or more points higher or lower than the month previous, making them what we call “movers and shakers.” 

Now, let’s take a closer look. 

The Top 5 

At the head of the pack is MyTeleMed, which led last month as well. This time the app checks in with a score of 92. That’s five points higher than its last score, making it one of this month’s movers and shakers. 

In second place, we have a tie between Doctor On Demand and Teladoc. These apps shared this spot last month, too, and now have a score of 86. 

No. 3 is the first position that has changed hands since last month, with Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors landing here after advancing two spots. With a score that’s 10 points higher than last month — now standing at 76 — this app is this month’s biggest mover and shaker. 

Holding the fourth spot in the rankings, as it did last time, is BetterHelp. This app earns a score of 71. 

Dropping two levels since last time and landing at No. 5 is K Health. This app registers a score of 70, which is 10 points lower than last month, making it a mover and shaker. 

The Top 10 

Just one point behind that with a score of 69 is MDLIVE. This app is running sixth as it did last time. With a score that’s eight points higher than last time, it’s a mover and shaker. 

In the No. 7 spot is InTouch Patient. This app moves up one position since last time with a score of 61. As that’s six points higher than last time, it’s another mover and shaker. 

One point behind that is Vsee Clinic For Patient. This app drops one level since last time with a score of 60. 

Holding the ninth spot as it did last time is LiveHealth Online Mobile. This month it has a score of 54. 

Finishing up this month’s top 10, in the same spot it held last month, is PlushCare: Online Doctor. It closes out this month’s Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps with a score of 51.