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LQpay Debuts ‘Zero Click’ Payments for Medical Practices

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Patient payments provider LQpay has introduced a new payment solution for medical and dental practices.

The company’s Zero-Click payment solution is designed to streamline payment experiences for patients and providers, and builds on LQpay’s existing “One-Click” Payment option, per a Wednesday (Jan. 3) press release.

“By integrating the LQpay POS app with securely stored payment information AND the appointments calendar from any underlying practice management system, practices can initiate swift, zero-click payments,” the company said in the release.

The new solution combines card-on-file capabilities and a “next-level” implementation of LQpay’s proprietary RPA (Robotics Processing Automation) technology.

“We’re excited to introduce the Zero-Click Payment Solution as part of our suite of offerings on the LQpay platform,” LQpay CEO Shashi Kapur said in the release. “This innovative feature not only simplifies and brings uber-convenience to healthcare payments, it also results in significant efficiency gains for all parties.”

The launch of LQpay’s new solution is happening as healthcare firms are “pivoting toward taking traditional payment methods into the realm of bits and bytes,” as PYMNTS wrote last year, with data showing 67% of healthcare companies supporting eChecks.

“With the advent of real-time payments, there’s the need for speed,” that report said. “Of the 250 healthcare and finance professionals surveyed, of the companies that have not made specific investments, 86% of finance and investment professionals have real-time payments on their investment road maps.”

Meanwhile, 92% of healthcare firms are planning similar initiatives. Of the firms that have already made the switch to real-time payments, 53% already support real-time payments, and 81% who are in that category said they plan to continue investing in this technology.

Also last year, PYMNTS explored the “iceberg of institutional inertia” preventing the advancement of new payment methods in the health field in a conversation with Brad Garfield, managing director and head of healthcare solutions at J.P. Morgan Commercial Banking.

“You’d be surprised how many healthcare providers in the country still don’t even have a website for accepting online patient payments, and that you have to call an office to speak to someone to process a credit card transaction,” Garfield told PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster. “Looking at the end-to-end patient experience, there’s so much opportunity for improvement.”