B2B Payments

Citi’s New B2B Analytics Suite

Citi has introduced Citi Integrated Payables Solutions, a suite of B2B analytics, advisory and payment services.

The idea behind the program is that it uses “proprietary algorithms and rules to analyze a client’s financial supply chain and produce comprehensive multi-product recommendations on available opportunities” which companies can then use “to explore recommendations and perform scenario modelling in real-time,” Citi said.

The package is designed to help with core payments,supply chain finance, commercial cards, proprietary analytics and advisory services, according to a story on Cash & Treasury Management File. The story said the offering was “the first of its kind to be offered across so many geographies.”

Naveed Sultan, Global Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi, tried to make the case that his team’s background will add credibility to the suite’s capability arguments. “The launch of Integrated Payables Solutions will benefit our clients greatly, allowing them to identify new opportunities to create value within their business systems,” he said. “Citi is among the industry leaders in designing adjacent and disruptive solutions that not only create significant value for our clients, but continue to scale globally to transition banking to a digital world.”

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