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Fleet Payments Now Anywhere The Road Takes Them

To cover Voyager members wherever the road may take them, U.S. Bank announced their pilot program, U.S. Bank Fleet Virtual Pay, on April 9th. This program will enable cardless purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted, expanding payment options that are available for drivers while eliminating the need to carry multiple cards.

As U.S. Bank Fleet Product Manager, Ramel Lindsay explained the program to Market Platform Dynamics’s CEO, Karen Webster, saying “the way it works is that if you imagine someone going to the fleet the US Bank Fleet Card does not work at that location or is not accepted at that location, the attendant can call in and retrieve a virtual single use account and that account can be used for that transaction, so it is one time use which provides a great deal of security surrounding that transaction, we are able to take that transaction and pair that up with the standard Voyager data transaction. So if you can imagine you have a MasterCard Fleet transaction by way of that single use account and we have a portal where you can pull together the information where you have a

(Jump to 0:57)MasterCard transaction along with a standard Voyager transaction and the customer can view and see reporting on both types of transactions all in one place”.

(Jump to 3:20)Webster inquired to the pain points that U.S. BANK was solving for in the creation of this product. Lindsay explained that it was “acceptance in rural areas and trying to allow that customer to use effectively one portal to view all of their transactional data.”

Webster went on to inquire about one of fundamental reasons as to why fleet card programs are so important and as to why the data capture aspect is so important.  (Jump to 18:37) As Lindsay explains, it is all about the gathering of Level III data. “The Level III data that is being captured and when you have a location that does not accept the US Bank Voyager then you are not able to capture that data. Then those types of cards, don’t prompt for or process the Level III data. This card is riding the MasterCard/Fleet Card rails that will prompt and allow for the Level III data to be passed and that’s important once again, because when you look at our portal that we allow our customers to do reporting, they will have Level III data from the Voyager and from the MasterCard transaction. And so it fills a gap for us.”

The program is currently in pilot, but as it is it is launched to market, this will extend the Voyager Fleet Card’s reach beyond the current network to include more than 600,000 of MasterCard-accepting fuel and maintenance locations across the United States. To listen to more of the conversation about how U.S. Bank is mobilizing fleet payments, listen in here.



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