Amazon’s 15 M-Commerce Moves In 16 Years

Love 'em or hate 'em, there aren't a lot of companies like Amazon.

Actually, let's step back. There is no other company like Amazon.

Like most companies, the eCommerce giant takes a lot of flack over lots of things — some justified, some just because that’s the price of being the biggest player in the market.

And Amazon has made some investment flubs. 

And angered investors.

But Jeff Bezos' empire — which was created just a year after email became a thing — has also driven more than its fair share of investments and innovation in the payments, commerce, and tech spaces than most any company making a name for itself in the ever-buzzing Silicon Valley.

Amazon made eCommerce cool before consumers and merchants realized the power and influence of the Internet.

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As PYMNTS reported when Amazon turned 20 this year, there are lots of wannabes and many have tried. But to be truly "Amazonian" (as Amazon's VP of Payments Patrick Gauthier loves to say), is something different, something that other eCommerce companies and retailers are all rushing to catch up with. They either embrace Amazon and join them, or become their top enemies.

That's just the name of the game.

To gain a full picture of what the past 20 years have looked like for the eCommerce giant, catch back up with our "best-of" stats and stories from the past two decades of Amazon and get a breakdown of Amazon — by the numbers, visit our big birthday recap from the summer.

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To hone in on their impact on the innovations and how Amazon's moves have enabled the mobile commerce market everyone is rushing to be a part of today, PYMNTS took a trip down memory lane — from 1999 to present day — and gathered what you need to know about 15 key dates that have defined Amazon’s m-Commerce history.




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