Younique Launches App For Virtual Makeup Trials

Direct Sales Co Younique Launches Virtual Makeup App

Direct sales company Younique, which has been pivotal in its approach to social media marketing, has launched an augmented reality (AR) makeup trying-on tool, according to a release

The tool uses facial analysis and bridges the gap, the company said, between online and in-person shopping. Its aim is to answer the timeless question of “will this look good on me?” while showcasing Younique’s premium brand of cosmetic accessories. Younique presenters will also be able to recommend shades and colors for customers using the tool.

“Since the very beginning, Younique has always been a brand at the forefront of technology,” said Younique Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Melanie Huscroft. “We are so excited to revolutionize the industry again with the Younique Beauty Guide — our new augmented reality tool — that is globally seamless and leverages innovation to further our mission that transcends borders, cultures, languages, and ultimately affects the mainstream perception of both inner and outer beauty. We believe every woman is unique, and with our new tool we can now help our Younique Presenters and consumers discover what makes them feel the most beautiful.”

There will be seven unique categories of cosmetics for customers to “try on,” including foundation, blusher, mascara, brow liner, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. The tool can be accessed both on a mobile phone or desktop. It will be preloaded with upcoming products, allowing customers to get to try on and experiment with the newest ones before they hit the market.  

For example, the company is launching the Moodstruck Pressed Shadow collection in September, but customers can use the AR tool to try it right away. The tool, part of the Younique Beauty Guide, will launch on Friday (Aug. 9). 

Younique was launched in 2012, and it gained traction using a social media-based model. It was founded by two siblings, Derek Maxfield and Huscroft.