Kia Rolls Out Connected Car Subscriptions

Subscription management platform provider Zuora is working with Kia Motors America to offer connected car subscriptions.

Zuora said in a press release on Tuesday (March 3) that Kia is using its platform to launch and scale its UVO Link subscription service, which is a portfolio of connected vehicle services. It works via the Kia Access program with the UVO link app, UVO Agent for Google Assistant, the UVO skill for Amazon Alexa and via the website.

By launching the initiative on the Zuora platform, Kia will be able to tap into customer and financial data.

The markets for automotive software and electrical/electronic (E/E) components is anticipated to reach $465 billion between 2020 and 2030, up from $238 billion, according to the McKinsey report Mapping the Automotive Software-and-Electronics Landscape Through 2030.

With the growing demand for in-car technology and features, Kia is re-focusing and will target its ACE strategy – Autonomous, Connected and Eco/Electric. Kia anticipates that it will adopt connected car technologies across every vehicle segment by 2025, and is aiming to make every vehicle model a connected car by 2030.

Kia’s UVO Link subscription offering is part of this strategy, offering remote start, lock and climate control commands as well as monthly vehicle health reports. The shift to subscriptions is intended to offer a seamless connected car through innovation, convenience and simplicity.

Connected services are the future of the automotive industry. Our launch of subscription-based software will not only help us open up new revenue streams, but will fuel our goal to become a truly customer-centric organization,” said Orth Hedrick, executive director for car products and connected cars for Kia. “With Zuora’s platform, we have the ability to quickly and easily iterate our connected services in order to deliver continuous value to Kia customers across the globe.”

Kia’s limited UVO service started in 2009, but it needed the right infrastructure to launch a mass-market version. Kia picked Zuora due to its smooth user experience and flexibility. Zuora already works with seven other automotive manufacturers.

Zuora was launched in 2007 in Redwood City, California by Tien Tzuo, Cheng Zou and K.V. Rao.

In January, Amazon announced that high-luxury Italian automaker Lamborghini as well as Michigan-based electric vehicle startup Rivian would integrate its voice-enabled assistant Alexa into future vehicles.