Insurance App Provider Ranking Features Same Names, Some Different Positions

Geico App

It’s no accident that the Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps is released every month; PYMNTS aims to ensure that the scores and rankings earned by the apps are kept up to date. 

The 13 apps that were here last month are here again, but with some changes in positions. Last month’s runner-up is now tied for first, and the other competitors either hold the spot they had last time or have moved up or down just one level. 

The Top 5 

There’s a tie for first between two apps that have achieved perfect scores of 100. GEICO Mobile — Car Insurance was in this spot last month, while Progressive has moved up one position. 

The new runner-up is nine points behind with a score of 91. State Farm has moved up one level since last time. 

Two points behind that is Allstate Mobile. This app holds on to the No. 3 spot it had last time, now with a score of 89. 

Maintaining the same position in the rankings as it had last time is Liberty Mutual Mobile. This app is ranked fourth with a score of 82. 

Falling back one position to No. 5 is Jerry: Car Insurance. This app has a score of 80. 

The Top 10 

There’s another tie at No. 6 as two apps have earned scores of 75. USAA Mobile held this seat last time while Safeco Mobile has moved up one. As the latter has also added five points to its score, it’s this month’s biggest mover and shaker. 

Ranked seventh, as it was last month, is Lemonade Insurance. This time, this app serves up a score of 70. 

Four points behind that with a score of 66 is Travelers Mobile. This app has added three points to its score and stepped up a position in the rankings since last time. 

Just one point behind that are two competitors tied with scores of 65. Farmers Insurance Mobile was here last time, while Esurance Mobile has slipped one level in the rankings. 

Lastly, with a score of 60 and holding the same position it held last time, the American Family Insurance App rounds out the top 10 of this month’s Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps.