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iRobot On Cleaning Up Smart Home Security

With more than 8.6 billion connected devices in use worldwide, the appetite for IoT is only growing, with the technology being put to use beyond consumer products. Cities around the globe are looking to use the technology to address problems, such as by leveraging connected sensors to detect and report water system leakages.

Security continues to be a top IoT concern, however: Mounting data breaches and newly discovered device vulnerabilities have prompted wariness around IoT adoption. This month’s Intelligence of Things (IoT) Tracker details how these concerns are driving providers to develop new security approaches.

Around the IoT World

Microsoft is offering its own answer to these security issues by adding dedicated IoT device protection solutions to its Azure Security Center. The solutions are intended to provide end-to-end protection for business clients.

The U.S. government is also seeking to improve its IoT procurement practices through legislation. A new bill identifies which entity should be responsible for setting IoT security standards, requiring federal entities to only acquire IoT offerings in line with those standards and obligates vendors selling IoT to the federal government to report fraud and security issues.

Municipal governments are also focusing on IoT, with Glasgow, Scotland among the latest to deploy such technology. The city is using IoT sensors to track various air quality metrics and help identify local sources of pollution.

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iRobot On Cleaning Up Smart Appliance Security Risks

Consumers want the convenience and time-savings promised by smart home solutions, but these devices could introduce serious security risks to their homes if solution providers aren’t proactive about software updates. Home IoT security is a significant — and continual — task for device providers, which must ensure that their solutions are able to withstand any and all forms of cyberattack that emerge during the products’ lifespans.

In this month’s Feature Story, Vice President and Chief Information Officer Mike Tirozzi and Mike Gillen, director of product and data security for iRobot, the automated robotic cleaning solutions provider behind the Roomba — explain some of the key security risks and defense strategies in the smart home space.

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