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NEW REPORT: With 5G Anticipation Building, Security Threats Loom

The 5G network is rapidly being deployed in markets around the world, and the advance of the network could mean profound changes for the Intelligence of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Two-thirds of businesses have plans to develop new tools and technologies that will leverage 5G by 2020.

The IoT world has been looking to the launch of 5G for some time now, with providers, manufacturers and even end users anticipating how it could change the ways they interact with smart devices. The networks enable speedier data transfers and communication than ever before, allowing IoT manufacturers to develop devices more in tune with user needs. That said, there are still roadblocks that players in the IoT ecosystem need to overcome, including the potential security risks that have plagued the industry from the beginning.

In the latest Intelligence of Things Tracker, PYMNTS examines how the launch of the 5G network is impacting the IoT world, and how — despite the networks’ speed — security concerns surrounding IoT devices remain high.

Around The IoT World

The use of 5G is particularly impacting the development of the connected car. Startups like WeRide are looking to use the network to expand self-driving services within China, a market ripe for autonomous vehicle innovation. It will seek to use 5G for deeper and faster in-vehicle connectivity.

WeRide is far from the only player looking to utilize 5G for connected cars. Researchers from the U.K.’s University of Warwick are experimenting to see if 5G sensors could help cars talk to each other, and better communicate potential obstacles on the road.

The 5G network could also expand the use of IoT technology in industries like agriculture. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently presiding over a pilot for smart farms, called Farmbeats, that utilizes IoT technology to enable farmers to receive data about their crops in real time. The program is also making use of smart sensors and cloud technology to send agricultural data faster and more accurately.

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5G And Issues With IoT Security

The 5G network can allow IoT providers much more room to innovate, but security weaknesses inherent in both device hardware and software remain, even as 5G continues to expand. Providers need to be sure that security of consumer data and their devices remains their top concern as they experiment with the opportunities 5G creates, said Sarah Tatsis, vice president of advanced technology development labs for software and IoT solutions provider BlackBerry.

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